Workflow Management Solutions

Managing your workflow and especially your documents can be as time consuming as actually doing the work. Here at Sharp, we are committed to providing our customers with software that will help them manage their workflow, so they can actually spend more time working and less time trying to find a certain document or print it out.

Our workflow software includes:
  • Sharpdesk – Sharpdesk allows users to manage all of their documents in just one application from their own desktop. With a streamlined document storage that keeps your files safe and speedy search and retrieval system, it simply doesn’t get any easier than this. Sharpdesk even has a function that allows users to compile many different types of files.
  • Document Filing – Keeping track of documents and storing them safely is part of every office’s day to day maintenance. Workflow management software that makes it easy to file documents in both temporary and long-term capacities makes this task quick and easy. We even have solutions that enable you to create private and public folders.
  • Print Release and Print Release Lite – Workflow software that makes printing easy should be something that every workplace has. Not only can you pull printing, these two pieces of workflow software allow you to schedule big print jobs and will even ensure that sensitive documents are securely printed by requiring user authentication. You’ll waste less paper and get more done.
  • Drivve Image 5 – This simple piece of workflow software has a suite of useful tools that can make any workday easier. From scanning tools that make it easy, to digitise a document, to tools that take over manual processes, to browsing capability that makes documents on your network easier to find and print, it just doesn’t get better than this piece of workflow management software.

These are only some of the workflow management solutions that we can offer our customers. You shouldn’t have to spend as much or even more time trying to manage your workflow as you do getting your work done. We are here to streamline every process in your office, to make you more efficient, to reduce stress, and make your efforts more profitable.

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