Visual Solutions

When it comes to visual solutions, we know that you want the very best. Whether you are selecting a digital display for your business’s reception area or you want an interactive monitor to make meetings more efficient and engaging, we have the solutions that you need.

Our innovative technology sets us apart from our competitors, providing you with industry-leading solutions that don’t just meet your needs but exceed them. Eye-catching, high-resolution screens that are perfect for displays and for interactive screenings are now available in a wide range of sizes and for a variety of applications.

Here are just some of our visual solutions:
  • BIG PAD – We developed the BIG PAD interactive monitor in order to provide our clients with a better way to conduct meetings, video conference, and engage with audiences in many different scenarios. Based on a tablet, with many of the same functions, but with advanced touch technology that allows up to four people to write on the screen at a time, this is the best way to collaborate with other team members all on the same screen.
  • Professional digital displays – Digital displays give you all the benefits of signage, with the added perks of screen. These displays are built to be used all day, every day, and with a size that enables you to put them just about anywhere. These high-quality screens allow you to change your signage from day to day, without having to pay for printing or worry about the wear and tear that comes with printed materials.
  • Video walls – Video walls give you the ability to present a large picture or video in an exceptionally engaging format. Our LCD monitors offer you unprecedented control and flexibility, with extremely thin bezels and crisp picture quality.
  • HD monitors – With so much of your work and communication now taking place on a screen, it is now more important than ever before to have a high-quality monitor. Our Sharp monitor quality is as clear and clean as the name suggests. Super-high resolution monitors are perfect for workplace applications, especially those wherein detailed information and high level graphics are regularly viewed.

Sharp offers a wide variety of solutions for the visuals in your workplace. Whether you need a beautiful video wall for your entrance or a BIG PAD to streamline your meetings, we have solutions that will work for you and will more than exceed your expectations.

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