Software Solutions

Great software maximises efficiency /This is Why our solutions make life simple, secure and much more productive

Sharp has developed a suite of productivity enhancing software solutions which deliver optimised workflow and collaboration. Sharp’s diversity enhances our client's ability to maximise staff efficiency and optimise the way in which information is shared.

The Corporate Division is here to help your organisation realise its potential through effective communication and collaboration. Our expertise in working with large organisations means that we are perfectly suited to partner with you and develop bespoke collaboration strategies that empower your staff and deliver tangible value to the organisation now and in the future.

Software Solutions

Sharp can offer a wide variety of integration solutions; the following is a small introduction to what we do:

  • Cloud storage and collaboration workflow
  • Document archiving, search and retrieval
  • Print release software
  • Intelligent scanning solutions (including OCR)
  • Automated workflow and distribution
  • Mobile and remote printing
  • Accounting software
  • Variable data management and output
  • Remote hardware management
  • Job ticketing
  • Video conferencing
  • Visual display content management
  • Integration with Citrix, Unix, Linux, Novell NetWare, AS/400 and SAP

Connectivity is key /This is Why our software offers seamless integration

Optimised Workflow

Sharp Open Systems Architecture (OSA) extends the functionality of our hardware by letting you integrate them not just with your network but with your core business applications, too. It lets you add descriptive data to documents as you scan them, for example. You can even interact with networked applications directly from the LCD display panel. And Sharp OSA can even reduce your costs by letting you control the access rights of workgroups and individual users.

Business Software Solutions

The cloud offers limitless potential /This is Why we’re bringing it to life.

Sharp can help you harness the full potential of the cloud, making collaboration within and between workgroups easier and much more productive. Now your team can work directly from almost any device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop PCs, and our latest MFPs and interactive whiteboards. It’s all the same in the cloud. Plus, businesses that store data in the cloud are not only more resilient, but can save, index, retrieve and share their documents anytime, anywhere. Sharp is bringing the cloud to life.

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