Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise-sized businesses need content management solutions that are agile enough to handle demanding requests and hearty enough to support the ever-growing number of documents and pieces of information which a business needs to manage and store. You should not have to spend more time worrying about how your content management system will handle rapid growth and expansion than actually fostering that growth and expansion.

Here at Sharp, we have created enterprise content management solutions that enable you to create documents, store documents, search documents, and even archive documents, among a variety of other tasks. With automatic classification and automated workflow solutions, the burden of managing your content is alleviated and you can spend much more time actually getting work done.

With our advanced enterprise content management solutions you can:
  • Manage information more effectively with capture, storage, archiving, and search tools that allow you to not just keep track of documents, but also file them so they are easy to find in the future, even if you don’t need them again for months or even years.
  • Develop document governance policies that work for your enterprise-sized organisation, whether the content originates inside of your organisation or comes from the outside.
  • Store your documents in the cloud so you never have to worry about whether or not you still have the vital records, contracts, and other information that keeps your business running and moving forward.
  • Access your content from any integrated device. Sharp content management solutions allows you to find the information that you need, even if you are away from your desktop. You are no longer tied down to a single device-instead, you can find your information anytime, anywhere.
  • Keep a single source. Instead of distributing documents that are difficult to manage and difficult to keep updated, your enterprise will have a single source. Every person will be able to access the documents they need to access. Instead of having to worry that someone has outdated information, all will be able to access the most updated content possible.

Sharp has a number of great content management solutions that make it possible for your enterprise to function more efficiently. The more efficiently you function, the better your products or services will be, and the more profits your company can make.

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