Document Solutions

No matter the nature of your industry, your business probably requires you to create and manage a large number of documents. This means that you need effective management solutions. From storage to archiving, to searching to sharing, Sharp has the document solutions that you need and want.

Here are just some of the great document management solutions that we can provide:
  • Document management software – Every business has documents that they want to store and to be able to retrieve. Document workflow can be easily automated with document management solutions from Sharp. This software allows users to manage all of their documents from one application, including searching for and retrieving those documents.
  • Document sharing – Small and large businesses alike need to be able to share documents between employees. Instead of emailing documents back and forth, Sharp has developed solutions that allow users to collaborate on one document, in one application that keeps track of changes and ensures that both have access to the most recent version of the file.
  • Document workflow – Automatic document workflow makes it easy to create, file, and store documents so they are easy to find the next time that you need them. Advanced filing solutions ensure that all of your documents are in the right place. Unlike physical files that can be easily tampered with, digital filing solutions stay secure and properly filled 100% of the time.
  • Advanced printing solutions – When it comes to document management software, you need printing solutions that give you more control over what is printed when and where. Sharp has some of the most advanced and innovative printing solutions, with software that is easy to use and features that minimise paper waste. There are even secure printing options that require user authentication to ensure that those who are do not have permission to print certain documents, do not have the chance to.

Sharp’s document management solutions make it easy to create, store, find, and print your documents. Our cloud storage and network storage ensures that you never lose your documents, even if your computer crashes. We’ve built unique and innovative solutions that are perfect for small and large businesses alike.

No matter what your document sharing, storage, and workflow needs are we are sure to have something that will make your life easier!

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