Optimised Managed Services

Successful businesses require maximum efficiency with no compromise on quality /This is Why we've developed Optimised Managed Services.

Introducing Optimised Managed Services: a carefully tailored Managed Print Services (MPS) solution designed from the ground up with you in mind. It’s the smart, collaborative way to make office printing - and copying, scanning and faxing - easier, cost effective and far more efficient.

/This is Why our solutions extend beyond print

Sharp Optimised Managed Services

Introducing Sharp Optimised Managed Services (OMS): a carefully tailored solution that goes beyond Managed Print Services, designed from the ground up with you in mind. It’s the smart, collaborative w...

We deliver document lifecycle tools including Visual Solutions and Cloud based workflow and storage, this is what makes Sharp Corporate a true business partner capable of delivering game changing solutions to your organisation.

Our optimisation experts have the experience and tools to support all your office document needs. We will work with you to make sure that each of your workgroups has exactly the right technology, support and supplies, developing your printing infrastructure into a real business asset.

Team up with Optimised Managed Services for a fully tailored MPS solution that will:

Optimised Managed Services Reduce costs
  • Waste reduction through use of rules-based printing (e.g. forcing documents to print double sided, prohibiting colour printing of emails and more…
  • Accurate measurement, control and reporting of costs by user, device and department
  • Timely supply of consumables
  • Lower support costs
  • Remote management tools saving time and cost
  • Enhanced business processes for more cost-effective workflows
Optimised print servicesImprove productivity
  • The right equipment in the right place for faster workflows
  • Single point access to support, maintenance and helpdesk issues
  • Simplified supplies management and automated collection of meter readings
  • Reduced equipment downtime from automated service and status alerts
Collaboration solutionsBe kinder to the environment
  • Reduced carbon footprint through more efficient printing processes
  • Latest technologies for lower environmental impact and lower energy consumption
  • A national programme for recycling of consumables
Optimised ServicesEnhance security
  • Multi-layered security to protect your data, documents and network
  • Advice on implementing secure workflows
  • User authentication and other processes to protect confidential information
  • Powerful encryption of data as it is transmitted or stored
Optimised Managed Services

Optimised Managed Services- How it works:

Stage 1: Assessment

We start by assessing what equipment you have, how it’s being used and by whom. We work with your staff to understand their individual and team needs, then compile our findings into an early report.

Stage 2: Solution Design

The Stage 1 Report, which includes a full cost and usage analysis by device and workgroup mapped against accurate floor plans, reveals the weak spots and where quick wins can be made. You’ll see which machines are inappropriately placed and where to redeploy them to optimise your fleet.

Stage 3: Transition and Project Management

In order to facilitate and co-ordinate the implementation of the MPS process, Sharp will assign a PRINCE2 Project Manager to lead a project team who will take responsibility and accountability for the MPS rollout, and will work closely with the client throughout the process.

Stage 4: Ongoing Contract Management

This stage revolves around seeking continual improvement.
Once the new infrastructure is implemented we will continue to monitor it, checking the improvements in costs and productivity against the original plan on a regular basis.

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