The Corporate Division of Sharp Business Systems ensures that the complex needs of large organisations can be serviced and optimised effectively. We understand that the needs of an organisation vary considerably depending on its size and structure. Sharp’s Corporate Division can act as a true business partner as our focus is customer service and service optimisation, and unlike most service providers, our established values and dedicated corporate team exist to support our key clients without compromising on quality.

National partnership, local support.

Technology has moved fast and it isn’t slowing down. That’s especially true when it comes to managing the way you create, use and share documents and information. Making sure you have the right technology, processes and infrastructure in place - locally and nationally – is crucial to gaining the maximum return on your investment and enabling your staff to interact efficiently.

/This is Why Sharp Corporate Division is here to solve these problems on behalf of national and multinational organisations.

Sharp is uniquely positioned to partner with corporate clients as we go beyond workflow solutions and deliver industry leading “collaboration solutions”. Linking print, cloud, visual solutions and workflow software we provide secure collaboration solutions to markets where information distribution is a critical requirement. A workflow optimisation partner can help your organisation deliver real time benefits to the way staff share information.

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White Paper

White Paper

Sharp - 40 years of leading the way

A celebration of Sharp's 40 years of industry leading innovation


Sharp was the first to successfully harness the properties of Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide for commercial application in our IGZO flat panel displays. Capable of delivering ultra high definition and br...